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Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou province in southern central China. It is on the mountainous Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, with an altitude of 1,100 meters. Guiyang is a modern city embraced by mountains and surrounded by forests. It is known as a "forest city" and a resort destination for those looking to avoid the summer heat.


Tianhe Lake Scenic Area

With Karst Caves, waterfalls, doline, clear lakes ... Tianhe Lake Scenic Area can be seen as the concentration of natural landscapes in Guizhou. Highlights are including the Milky Way Palace, Dry Cave, Water Cave and Calcified Waterfalls.

Tianhe Lake 1
Tianhe Lake 2

Huaxi Scenic Area

Given the green mountains, limpid water, ample foliage, Huaxi Scenic Resort has owned a name of a pearl inlaid in plateau. Tourist can enjoy the beautiful scenery by rafting a boat or just make a short excursion in the Huaxi Park.

Huaxi Scenic Resort

Qianling Park

Named after the First Mountain in Guizhou Province, Qianling Park is located at the center of Guiyang. With sentient and clever wild macaques, a sizable zoo with cute pandas, clean water and ancient temples, this park is a great escape from the crowds and city noise.

Qianling Park

Jiaxiu Tower

Jiaxiu Tower, the symbol of Guiyang city, is a Chinese typical tower built in Ming dynasty. In the evening, when lights on, the dappled light spilled out through the building, makes the architecture become a beautiful scenery in the city.

Jiaxiu Tower 1
Jiaxiu Tower 2

Qingyan Ancient Town

Qingyan Ancient Town, one of the four ancient towns in Guizhou Province, was a military town built over 600 years ago. Layout of the town follows the pattern of Ming and Qing Dynasty. The entrance portal, wickets, ancient stones, etc. are still well preserved till today.

Qingyan Ancient Town 1
Qingyan Ancient Town 2
Qingyan Ancient Town 3